A Tree Grows Under Manhattan

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What lies below the streets of New York besides miles of subway tracks, electric lines, and sewers? Not giant alligators or adolescent turtles with nunchucks.
Soon, below the concrete jungle will be built an underground park beneath the Lower East Side. It is called the Delancey Underground Project, and it is inspired by New York’s High Line, the world-renowned elevated park situated on 1.45 mile of an abandoned trolley station. Appropriately nicknamed the “Low Line”, the park will include gardens and trees and will use solar-powered fiber optics to bring natural light to the subterranean fauna.

The park will be situated in the 1.5 acre Williamsburg Bridge Railway Terminal beneath Delancey Street, abandoned since 1948.

It sounds like an excellent innovation in urban planning, renewability and sustainability. It’s still a work in progress, but it promises to inspire urban environmentalists worldwide, like it’s cousin on the other side of the island.

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