Bavaria Solarpark

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Installed Capacity: 10.1 MW

Bavaria Solarpark Photovoltaic Power Plant, Spread out in Muehlhausen, Guenchingand Minihof (Bavaria)

The Bavaria Solarpark is a multi-million Euro solar power plant located on 62 acres of land in Bavaria, southern Germany. The plant is spread apart in three different locates in Bavaria: Muelhausen, Guenching and Minihof. Totally, the three locates are equipped with 57,618 PV panels. The total capacity of the three plants is 10.1 MW (6.3 MW in Muelhihausen, 1.9 MW in Guenching and 1.9 MW in Minihof). The plant was completed in 2004, and is expected to generate over 215 million kWh of renewable energy over the first 20 years of its operations. It is also projected to cut 100,000t of CO2 emissions over 30 years.

The 57,618 PV panels installed in the plant use silicon cell technology to convert solar energy into electricity. An inverter installed at the site converts the direct current into alternate current. Each of the PV systems is built out of a galvanized steel frame coated with anti-corrosion material. The panels are mounted by solar trackers that automatically rotate the solar assembly toward the sun in order to maximize production. A control system monitors the performance of the plant. That gives between 18% and 35% more energy output than rigid systems.

The three sites of the solarpark are all connected to the electrical grid. It exceeds expected electricity production by 10 percent, producing enough energy to power 9,000 homes in the area.

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