A Very Brief Introduction to Ecology

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The term ecology is synonymous with natural biology, or the study of nature. Ecology is divided into two areas of study: autecology and synecology. Autecology is the study of one specific species or organism and its environment while synecology is the study of a population or community. Both of these branches of study apply to […]

Oxbow Lakes

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I will write about the evolution of oxbow lakes. Oxbow lakes are formed when a river creates a meander. The river bends, causing this formation. They are named for their curved shape and alludes to the form of a yoke used for oxen. They normally form naturally, but sometimes are artificially created. http://www.clipart.dk.co.uk/DKImages/sci_earth/image_sci_earth052.jpg Lakes are […]

Acid Precipitation

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Acid precipitation can be rain, sleet, snow, or any other type of precipitation caused by acids of primary sulfur and nitrogen. Any compound–either organic or inorganic–that can liberate hydrogen-ions upon dissociation (where ions are split into smaller particles). There are thousands of lakes, ponds and high mountain streams in the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountain Ranges […]