Internet Safety

"Each book in the Reference Shelf series offers extensive, unbiased exploration of a topic of importance in modern society, in a compilation of notable articles from respected publications, abstracts of 20 to 30 additional articles, and a bibliography of other sources. Reference Shelf volumes provide a well-rounded, unbiased overview for researchers and general readers, with outstanding articles written by experts."
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From the Preface:

“Over the last dozen years, the growth of the Internet has been rapid and extensive. From shopping to socializing, blogging to photo-sharing, its uses have become tremendously varied, and it’s now a major part of everyday life. As of 2006, nearly 75 percent of U.S. households had Internet access. The Internet has become nearly as culturally ubiquitous as television. In fact, many young people are foregoing television altogether, instead watching their favorite programs and movies on-line. As people rely more and more on computers for conducting day-to-day affairs, security becomes increasingly important. Networks are not always impregnable and are prone to infiltration by hackers, terrorists, and other predators. As Internet growth continues, protecting networks will remain a serious undertaking.”

-Richard Joseph Stein

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