"Each book in the Reference Shelf series offers extensive, unbiased exploration of a topic of importance in modern society, in a compilation of notable articles from respected publications, abstracts of 20 to 30 additional articles, and a bibliography of other sources. Reference Shelf volumes provide a well-rounded, unbiased overview for researchers and general readers, with outstanding articles written by experts.."
-Salem Press

Salem Press: The Reference Shelf

From the Preface:

“Russia is a complex nation with a rich and colorful history. It is a land that spans two continents, 14 countries, and nine time zones. It stretches from Europe in the west to China in the east, and its more than 145 million inhabitants represent some 160 ethnicities. Western Russia holds the bulk of the populace and boasts a very European culture. Eastern Russia, composed mostly of Siberia, is home to Lapps and Eskimos . . .”

-Richard Joseph Stein

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