World Energy Monitor

The World Energy Forum is a non-profit organization located across from the United Nations in New York City.

"The World Energy Forum envisions to become a global grassroots organization which embraces the needs of all nations and peoples, including governments and private sector, to bring about the change in the world in the energy practice. It is a global movement which aspires to create a new paradigm for sustainable development throughout the world for the present as well as future generations." - mission statement of the WEF

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The World Energy Forum publishes the monthly newsletter, “World Energy Monitor: Leading the Global Conversation”, which provides timely, informative and challenging articles presenting fresh insight in a balanced, nonpartisan context. Monthly issues discuss emerging challenges and opportunities in conventional as well as renewable energy, integrated approaches, global needs assessment, and energy issues in the advanced as well as developing economies.

As the coordinating editor from November 2011 until May 2012, I was responsible for the layout, design, and content of the newsletter as well as other material for this non-profit organization.

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